Exclusive handknotted rugs & cushions

Designed in Sweden and produced on demand.
Handmade in Nepal by skilled craftspeople.
Customisation possible.

News 2023!

For the first time releasing exclusive handknotted cushions teaming up with the rug collection "The Kingdom", continuing the exploration of lines, patterns and shapes inspired by the beetle.

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The Kingdom Collection

Always looking to living species and organisms for inspiration, The Kingdom Collection moves Anna’s design ever closer to lines, colours and patterns.
This time her muse is beetles, which represent the largest order of all the animal kingdom. Interpreting these wonderous creatures with a boldly graphical spirit, the collection simultaneously pays tribute to their shell-like exteriors as well as the lyrical folds of Japanese origami.

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The Collector

The Collector is in memory of the designer’s grandfather, who ́s butterfly and insect collections have been a source of inspiration throughout the years. Through a formal exploration of the symmetry found in wing forms of moths and cicadas these rugs pass on his appreciation of the beauty in nature ́s diversity.

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Interpreted through traditional folkloristic patterns Repeat stages a return to earlier generations’ respect for objects and the act of making. With repetitive patterns created from the geometry of shield bugs, these rugs are intended to be used again and again,
loved for their persistence over time.

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Playing on the textural contrast of silk and wool these three rugs portray the odyssey of life. From the anticipating and excited moment just before life bursts, through the vivid movement of life, to the stillness and beauty of silence.

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